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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Occassional playwright and performer and one-time would-be comic artist/writer.
Somehow I managed not to fall into a dull career and simultaneously fail to follow my dreams, so I have neither money or artistic fulfilment. But I do have my cat!

See… and… for my Facebook pages relating to audio theatre projects.
But only from the perspective of its writing, acting and directing. Aside from that it's perfectly ignorable trash. But the writing, acting and directing are - objectively - a fucking disgrace. I like the Daleks, I like the Cybermen... but the show itself... No. I find it unwatchable. 
Today everyone was posting the same picture Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who, so my FB page was full of it, one after another, because for some reason all my friends like it. So I posted the picture with Justin Bieber's head on it. Well, thanks to all those friends who weren't interested in my posts when I've been severely depressed or felt it appropriate to joke about it, because boy did that silly picture get their attention like only my cat pictures previously could! 
So it's okay to ignore me, okay for everyone to post that they like things or hate things, but not me when it comes to my not liking Doctor Who. I got called a "bitter Blakes 7 fan." I'm not a Blakes 7 fan. I barely remember it and I don't give a crap about it. Yes, I liked it at the time... when I was 10! I liked Doctor Who then too! 
I'm not a Christian and I believe that organised religion is a dangerous thing; so does one of my Doctor Who fan friends. He slagged me off as a religious apologist for saying not all social & political problems are directly a result of religion. He's now abusing me for not liking his favourite sci-fi show and yet he wants to slag off people for their religious beliefs! I expect there are people in the world who take their religion less seriously than he takes Doctor Who... but a lot of people who take it a LOT more seriously! And he feels justified in having a go at them when he can't stand me having a pop at his favourite TV show! 
Interesting perspective. 
So if people get to slag me off for not liking what they like I'm going to slag them off for what they DO like and every time someone posts something saying they like Doctor Who I'm going to post about something I hate; probably Doctor Who. 

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